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About Us: 

What's different about our work from other diversity practitioners?


Strong Business Acumen: We are able to quickly see and understand the business landscape. We are firm believers in linking your diversity srategy to the company’s long range business goals as well as to its human resources strategy. We are focused on helping clients develop and implement programs to enhance sales drive business results, improve productivity, increase retention, diversify the talent pipeline and positively impact employee engagement.


Holistic Approach to Human Capital Talent Management and Diversity:  We are true partners, which means we do not work in a vacuum but rather look for ways to connect the dots with internal and external teams. This enables us to deliver creative and innovative results that are meaningful. Many of the programs developed and executed at other companies include: the Women’s Leadership Development Programs, global diversity strategies;  Employee Resource Groups creation and management; and learning programs/conferences, etc.

Solid Domestic & Global Thought Leadership:  We have worked around the world, partnering locally to develop and deliver programs that have introduced the concepts of diversity and inclusion to organizations in more than 60 countries. Programs include:  Respect Awareness developed and implemented in 11 languages for more than 10 countries;  Women’s Leadership Program; Global & Regional Corporate Social Sustainability Programs; and Digital Divide/STEM Initiatives, among many others.

Knowledge of HR Processes & Systems:   We have experience in being an HR business partners and in employee relations, labor, recruiting and talent management leaders. We also have experience in creating learning content from scratch and integrating it into exisiting Learning Processes, Ethics & Compaliance Programs. 

Short or Long Term Support:   We can work with you on short or long term engagements. You can call us when you need an extra set of hands to help execute a program or deliver training. But we can also help you build internal capacity so that you can run your programs internally without needing a long term contract.  Our goal is to  help you. 

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