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Business Results

CDO & Executive Coaching 

  • Provided advice and coaching to Iron Mountain, LPL Financial, U. S. Army, U.S. Air Force, etc. on diversity strategies.

  • Worked with senior leaders who needed help in addressing unprofessional workplace behavior and/or who felt uncomfortable working with individuals with disabilities, from different nationalities and/or a difference in sexual orientation. 

  • Created experiential learning opportunities to help senior leaders better understand how employees 

  •  Provided mentoring and coaching to executive leadership team globally at the Shell Westhollow Technology Center and Shell Chemicals.  Helped retain critical business leaders and increased team productivity in Germany, Europe and U.S. operations 


Corporate Social Resposibility

  • Launched Shell Digital Divide Initiative, donated more than 10K computers to nonprofit organizations.  Implemented effort in 60 countries. Received Prince William Foundation Seal of Approval and United Nations recognized initiative at Global Sustainability conference in Johannesburg.

  • Worked with Rainbow Push Coalition to increase supplier diversity spend in the oil sector among minority groups.

  • Work with Shell Corporate Affairs to build first national Hispanic Council to increase hiring and development of Hispanics; improved external business partnerships and company presence

  • In process of co-developing a nonprofit organizations focusing on developing women called Mighty Chicks 

  • Worked with Houston Technology Center to develop guidelines and increase venture capital support to women and minority owned start-up companies. 

  • Worked with National Grid Foundation and to establish clearinghouse for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) organization.  

Crisis Management

  • Developed and implemented Crisis Management Plan used at Florida Museum of Natural History to address concerns of American Indian Movement during protest against Columbian Quincentenary Exhibit; resulted in increase of 1000% to exhibit 

  • Created and executed crisis plan during & after Hurricane Andrew at United Parcel Service; delivered more than 1000lbs of food and immediate assistance and recovered 80 missing employees.  Served on UPS South Florida Hurricane Committee distributed more than $100K in financial services. Was nicked name "Little Black Book". 

  • Worked with Sammy Sosa Foundation, UPS Foundation and UPS Americas to land a UPS airplane with medical support, water and food after hurricane in Dominican Republic. Only plane allowed to land in island. 

  • Created international crisis plan for UPS Americas Region to deal with natural disaster relief, safety and security efforts.

  • Worked closely with Human Resources and Ethics departments to investigate and address various discrimination and workplace harassment issues.  

  • Worked with ingersoll Rand's chief security officer to review policies and processes to address global diversity security concerns of customers and employees.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Development

  • Developed and executed global diversity strategy for Ingersoll Rand, which resluted in the company increasing its overall employee engagement scores, improving retention and acquisition of diverse talent. 

  • Created a global diversity leader role at KPMG designed to unify the company's diversity efforts from Australia, Canada, the UK and U.S. into one global strategy.

  • Restructured the National Grid's diversity strategy and employee resource groups to align with business goals and drive organizational change. Resulted in improved engagement scores and reduction in employee relations complaints. 

  • Revamped National Grid's Affirmative Action guidelines. Hired company's first Affirmative Action leader.  

  • Cleaned up and aligned affirmative action plans with HR goals.  Developed and executed awareness training for manager and HR leaders to increase understanding and eliminate data fear. 

Employee/Business Resource Groups & Diversity Councils

  • Built and launched employees resource groups at Ingersoll Rand, National Grid, KPMG, Sodexo and Shell.  Have leveraged to increase branding of company, support recruiting efforts, and improve retention. 

  • Developed and executed North Carolina Employee Resource Group Conference, average attendance 175 -185 attendees. More than 15 companies participated.  Helped increase leadership development skills of employees resource group leaders.  Was recognized as best in class approach by Diversity Professional Journal. 

  • Restructured the National Utilities Diversity Council (NUDC) ; helped organization to expand to the east coast and relaunched.  Organization was supported by the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners.  Organization established as a nonprofit designed to focus on closing STEM talent gap and increasing supplier diversity spend.

  • Developed and wrote ERG and Executive Sponsor Guidelines to make management of ERGs/BRGs easier

  • Created ERG/BRG Business Scorecard designed to align groups to business and corporate goals (Attraction, Diversity Awareness, Branding, Retention and Cross Collaboration) implemented at National Grid, Ingersoll Rand, etc.

  • Managed Sodexo's employee resource group networks....created company's first dedicated database to manage employee memberships.

Leadership & Talent Development

  • Developed Diversity Lecture and diversity learning strategy for Lake Norman, Charlotte Chapters for the Society of Human Resources Management and the University of Pheonix.

  • Created workshop on Global Scenarios learning module for Thought Leaders' National Conference hosted by the SHRM Foundation

  • Developed Ingersoll Rand Women's Leadership Program in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership which generated more than $24 million in revenue and savings while increasing promotions and improving retention

  • Enhanced succession planning process at KPMG to increase minority representation at the partner ranks by over 20%.

  • Created National Grid's first global mentoring and sponsorship program for the advancement of high potentials. Approximately 50 candidates completed  

  • Managed and investigated Affirmative Action issues related to talent pipeline at KPMG. Reduced litigation costs.

  • Built Shell Westhollow's Women's Mentoring Circles designed to increase the number of women in leadership roles at the company's Westhollow technology Center.  

  • Rolled out Sodexo's first internship program, which led to the hiring of diverse candidates of its first 10 minority candidates through partnership with the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities.

  • Flexible Workplace Program developed and implemented at Shell Westhollow Technology Center and Ingersoll Rand.

Multi-cultural Marketing/Branding

  • Helped Asia Society create annual Asian Professionals survey to measure advancement and needs of Pan Asian Professionals in the U.S.

  • Negotiated contracts and agreements with a variety of women and minority professional associations nationally and internationally to better position corporation at recruiting events, speaking engagements, secured advertising (Ingersoll Rand, KPMG, National Grid, Sodexo) 

  • Developed market communications plans and strategies resulting in increased positive media impressions for clients at various companies.

  • Developed Employee Resource Group/BRG Annual Reports at Ingersoll Rand and National Grid

  • Established more than 36 external nonprofit partnerships for Sodexo designed to enhance the company's external brand to help improve visibility after a very public class action law suit. 

  • Helped Education Division at Sodexo increased revenue and retained University clients through partnership with the Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility.  

Professional Development & Training

  • Developed Women's Leadership Program which generated more than $24 million in revenue and savings while increasing promotions and improving retention​ at Ingersoll Rand.

  • Worked with Manufacturing Institute to build a leadership component for their STEP Ahead Women's initiative.  Program completed by more than 260 women from more than 90 manufacturing companies. 

  • As committee co-chair at the Asia Society implemented national survey and study on the State of Asian Professionals in the U.S. The study has become a premier resource for corporations looking to develop and retain Pan Asian professionals. 

  • Developed Ingersoll Rand diversity awareness training program and content deployed to 19.5K employees in more than 10 countries and languages.  Follow-up feedback showed increased engagement in work environment. 

  • Created and rolled out diversity training and awareness program internationally at KPMG, National Grid, and Shell.  Each program was tailored to the specific audience. 

Talent Acquisition & STEM

  • Ingersoll Rand Recruiting Brand Recognition increase over 200%. Partnered with early talent and talent acquisition to identify minority organizations to partner with and have employee resource groups represent the company at.  The company had not previously attended external events.  Established 10 national partnerships and 4 international partnerships.

  • Improved Veteran recruiting efforts by aligning diversity goals, branding efforts with the Veterans employee resource groups at Ingersoll Rand.  Increased veteran hires by 12%. 

  • Created Ingersoll Rand's first engineering STEM strategy council designed to focus on the attraction and retention of minority and female talent. 

  • National Grid worked with recruiting to improve its presence at conferences and events nationally.  Increased overall slate of diverse candidates hired.  Repaired relationships with Society of Black Engineers and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

  • Worked with National Grid Foundation to establish STEM efforts create grant proposal to fund a national open resourced organization to share best practices in the STEM space. 

  • Worked with Black Employee Resource Group at Ingersoll Rand build nonprofit grant request and to create a partnership with the local Urban League designed to training/certify HAVC Technicians. Donated $100K to graduate 25+ candidates.

  • Reduced Sodexo's recruiting costs while improving use of budget and leveraging diversity efforts to promote career opportunities through the external partnerships established.

  • In partnership with KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, E&Y accounting firms created the first LGBT Finance Association. 

  • Worked with recruiting team to manage external presences at national events; leveraged employee resources groups to serve as recruiting ambassadors. (Sodexo, KPMG, National Grid, Ingersoll Rand)

  • Increased company's recruiting brand by building external partnerships with Glass Door, PFLAG, Urban League, Ascend, Society of Hispanic Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, Women in Manufacturing, etc. 

  • KPMG, National Grid & Ingersoll Rand revamped policies and processes used by recruiting to track hires to ensure compliance with U.S. federal guidelines.  

Supplier Diversity Programs

  • Established Supplier Diversity Program at Ingersoll Rand.  Created and hired supplier diversity leader.  Supplier diversity spend was increased from less than 2% to 7% in under four years.

  • Worked with company's chief security officer to review policies and processes to address global diversity security concerns of customers and employees.

  • Rolled out National Grid's Supplier Diversity Program.  Saved the company $12million in potential fiscal loss on contract with the Governor's office in New York.  

  • Created a statewide supplier diversity conference in the energy sector.  Drew extensive media coverage for the governor's office and National Grid. Eventually hired a dedicated supplier diversity manager


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