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  • Dwight Gibson, President Climate Strategic Initiatives at Ingersoll Rand: "Neddy is a passionate and experienced professional. Her broad range of experiences integrating diversity and inclusion in organizational cultures with the aim to increase employee engagement and business growth is impressive. She combines a deep theoretical understanding with a pragmatic, action oriented approach. She has enabled tremendous progress at Ingersoll Rand." 


  • Luke Visconti CEO, DiversityInc Magazine: "I've known Neddy Perez for more than six years. She's a consummate diversity management executive, out of the box thinker and the kind of person that makes things happen. Neddy is one of those rare people who consistently has new ideas that are actionable and innovative."


  • Regina Eckert, Faculty Team Manager at Center for Creative Leadership:  "Over the past three years I worked with Neddy to implement the Women's Leadership Program at Ingersoll Rand in the EMEIA region and now also other regions. Neddy is an outstanding leader who combines broad knowledge of all topics HR with deep insights into diversity and inclusion, talent management, leadership development and organizational change."


  •  Jennifer McNelly, Executive Director, The Manufacturing Institute: "Neddy is a national leader in workforce and talent development. She brings a unique perspective and dynamic leadership to companies and organizations."

  • Dan McDonnell, VP Integrated Supply Chain at Ingersoll Rand:  "I have met few leaders over my career as committed, experienced, and capable at building a progressive diverse and inclusive culture as Neddy. She was also very easy to work with, her relationship skills are very good, and ultimately she made a huge difference at Ingersoll Rand."

  • Nadine Vogel, MBA, CSP, CSPGlobal Chief Executive Office: "I have had the pleasure of working with Neddy on multiple occasions. She is a leader among leaders with an incredible talent for innovative, out of the box thinking. I often refer to Neddy as a "triple crown" thought leader who spans Diversity, Talent and Human Resources on a global scale."

  • Marcy McClanahan, Plant Manager at Trane: "Neddy and I worked together at Ingersoll Rand, where she served as the VP of Global Diversity and Inclusion. Neddy is fantastic at seeing the Big Picture and finding a way to get buy-in from senior leadership for her progressive ideas. I approached Neddy several years ago to see if I could help with the PRIDE (LGBTA) ERG (Employee Resource Group)."

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