We can  help you build and/or support your major initiatives because our practitioners on average have more than 20+ years of global experience in Human Resources, STEM Talent, Diversity & Inclusion Management, External Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Employee Engagement.  Our practitioners can build, execute and manage day-to-day operations at a global or local level.  

Think of us as your back office support team.  We are here to help you be successful whether you need a couple of hours of support or a longer term approach.   Listed below is how we can be of help to you. 

Program Assessment
Want to make sure your program is having an impact? We can help you assess the state of your corporate culture, diversity efforts or employee resource groups.
Strategy Development
Whether you are building a diversity program from scratch or you are looking to revamp your program, we can help you create a strategy. You need help implementing it we can help you with that as well.
Back Office Support
We are here for you whether you need short term or long-term support in launching and/or managing programs. With more than 20 years experience we can manage ERGs to conduct training.
Employee Engagement
How do you increase productivity and retention? We can help you improve your engagement scores.
Need help with managing or aligning your ERGs and Diversity Councils to business strategies? We have over 20 years experience.
CDO or Executive Coaching
We have served as an advisor and coach to a number of new corporate CDOs on their strategies and professional development.

In addition, we have coached executives who need cultural sensitivity training.
Female Pipeline Development
We can help you assess, develop and/or manage women's leadership programs.
Diversity Metrics
Whether its creating an Affirmative Action Plan, Analyzing Employee Engagement Scores or creating Diversity and Talent Metrics we can help you make sens of the data
Mentoring Programs
Want to start a mentoring program? We can help you design, implement and/or manage your program through our partners.
Whether you are looking for a speaker for your ERGs, a team leadership meeting focused on diversity, career management or leadership business skills we can help you.
Supplier Diversity
We can help you develop and implement a supplier diversity initiative.
Talent Management
Strategies to address talent gaps
Team Building
Have a team struggling with diversity or cross collaboration issues. We have meeting facilitators and coaches to help you.
Volunteer Programs
Fine tune or develop from scratch
Girls & STEM Programs
Revamp & Align STEM efforts with Talent Goals
Training & Awareness
Whether it is diversity awareness or global cultural competency development, we can build and deliver customized programs.
Social Responsibility
Effective results oriented corporate social responsibility programs that get you noticed nationally or globally.
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