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We can  help you build and/or support your major initiatives because our practitioners on average have more than 20+ years of global experience in Human Resources, STEM Talent, Diversity & Inclusion Management, External Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Employee Engagement.  Our practitioners can build, execute and manage day-to-day operations at a global or local level.  

Think of us as your back office support team.  We are here to help you be successful whether you need a couple of hours of support or a longer term approach.   Listed below is how we can be of help to you. 

Assessment & Planning


Assessing the current environment, whether you are starting an initiative from scratch or have a full blown strategy in place that needs minor tweaks can help ensure that you are addressing the relavent needs of your organization.  This is why we have a 10 point checklist. 


Strategy Creation


Having a clear plan, goals and objectives are critical in helping drive change. We can help you formulate a talent or recruiting strategy to increase diversity representation and/or impact your Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) efforts. From strategy to design to program development and execution, we can support your efforts and propel your programs to success.





Strong Business Results


In order to secure funding and support for your programs, you will need to show how your company’s business results will be positively impacted.  With more than 24 years of experience, we can help you establish sensible business metrics that will garner the support you need.

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